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In 2005, a young mother of 5 small children, ages 2 to 12, I found myself in a situation I never imagined. At the age of 34, I was widowed. Although I had always worked and been very involved in every aspect of
managing a home, finances and kids, I was now faced with the terrifying task of doing it alone. The confidence I had always carried myself with was now weakened by fears and doubts of my abilities. I quickly realized that when it came to home maintenance, where I had the skills, I usually lacked the finances. Or where I had the finances to do it myself, I often lacked the time, or simply the know-how. The burden of being completely responsible was overwhelming. It seemed that there was no time for grieving, as the children’s activities, Homework assignments, a full-time job and the daily housework did not take a time out. At the time of his passing, my husband and I had been in the process of an addition
on our house, which we were doing most of the work ourselves. I laid there at night and wondered how on earth I would ever manage to complete it now. My time was overbooked, every day. The finances
were impossibly tight and with a pile of medical bills, no life insurance, and 5 mouths to feed and care for, I saw no way for the addition to ever be completed. The trusses and framing lumber lay in a pile at
the side of the house. A constant reminder of all I could not manage to do. One Saturday morning in March, a few weeks after the funeral, I awoke to the buzz of people hustling and power tools at work
outside. I thought for a moment, that had he still been here, that’s exactly what we’d be doing on this Saturday morning. As I rose and walked to my bedroom window to gaze outside and ponder on all I had
to accomplish for the day, I was shocked as I stood there and viewed people everywhere out in my yard. Cleaning, raking leaves, picking up trash. There were so many. I didn’t even recognize them. What was
going on? I threw on some clothes and made my way outside to see even more. Dozens and dozens of people working. And to my absolute shock, the lumber that had laid in a pile at the side of the house
was being erected and walls were standing in place! My heart was pounding. Tears ran down my face as I started to recognize many of these miracle workers as my friends, family and neighbors alike. All had
come together to show me the love and support I so much needed. And with that, they brought their tools and skills and without any notice were completing the addition I could not have done myself. THAT
moment, as I stood and watched in amazement and gratitude at the selfless act of service by so many, that I was receiving, THAT MOMENT, was life changing! Words cannot express the depths of gratitude I
felt that day. The reminder that I am loved, and deserving and no matter how alone I felt, I was not alone was impactful and gave me the confidence that I could manage and my little family would be ok. I
continued to experience numerous, unexpected, small acts of kindness throughout that first 6 months and I remember thinking how I just looked forward to the day that I was in a better position and had the
opportunity to pay it forward to another single mother who has found herself in an unfamiliar and scary new situation. My children were young at the time, but I never ever let them forget or discount the magnitude of what was done for our family that day. Over the years that have followed, I have looked for opportunities and ways to be involved in service and offer my kids the opportunity to be on the giving side of service, and to experience the priceless value and reward of that which you gain as a volunteer. Little Miracles was created to give us these exact opportunities to bless the lives of these families in need of a helping hand, while blessing the lives ten fold, of the many volunteers who selflessly serve. These service projects have become something my children love and look forward to and through service, we have created some of the most precious memories together. “We make a living by what we Get. We make a Life by what we Give.” Winston Churchill

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